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We had a fire ant problem which grew more year by year. I tried treating it myself with several natural home remedies, but I just wasn't very effective. Finally, Ed was called out to "the worst fire ant infestation" he had seen. I happily report we no longer hold that honor. I know he had to work very hard the day he came out, but his methods paid off. I am also very apprciative of his return trips when a little problem was still there. I will not use chemicals, so the methods Ed used were not at all in conflict with those desires. (Natural Pest Solutions - 972-881-0289 - Parker Pest Control Company)
Date of Posting: 02 November 2010
Posted By: Junilla Collard
Parker, TX
I'm really glad I found this service. I had been using another green pest control company and not getting anywhere near as good results. Natural Pest Solutions has been the most thorough pest control company I've ever had experience with as a customer. They spent a good hour or more doing a thorough evaluation of my home and were able to detect the source of a carpenter ant problem, which the prior company could not determine over a several month period. They also were really good afterwards about calling to see whether we had any problems coming up again. In addition to providing a good service, they have also been very kind and helpful. (Natural Pest Solutions - 972-881-0289 - Dallas Pest Control Company)

Date of Posting: 15 September 2010
Posted By: Jenny Land
Dallas, Tx
I'm so happy with the service I receive. They do know their BUGS and thank God for that. I would recommend them to anyone and I'm a customer for life. Thank you for the GREAT work! I love the customer service and accuracy you guys provide. You're AWESOME!! (Natural Pest Solutions - 972-881-0289 - Allen Pest Control Company)
Date of Posting: 16 May 2010
Posted By: Rose -
Allen, TX
Great service! These guys know their "pests". I always receive a prompt callback and they are always on time. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I do not write testimonials very often, but definitely worth the time to let others know about their outstanding service! (Natural Pest Solutions - 972-881-0289 - Dallas Pest Control Company)
Date of Posting: 03 May 2010
Posted By: Sandra -
Dallas, Tx
Excellent customer service! I felt very informed about what products they were using and was confident that everything was non-toxic. After our vacation we found rolly pollies everywhere and the team took every electrical cover off and sprayed in the walls. I cannot remember the last time I found a bug in our home! (Natural Pest Solutions - 972-881-0289 - Plano Pest Control Company)
Date of Posting: 29 April 2010
Posted By: Alex -
Plano, Tx
I am very impressed with this company. They have been very helpful in getting rid of my ant problem in my house. I have two dogs in my home and I am very leary of having any kind of toxic chemicals around me or my dogs. The owners are very knowledgeable about every non toxic item in their own products. They are honest, courteous, caring, and dependable and take pride in how they are helping the earth and people with a toxic free company. I would highly recommend using them (and I always recommend them to everyone). Thank you, Christine Kendall (Natural Pest Solutions - 972-881-0289 - Plano Pest Control Company)
Date of Posting: 11 April 2010
Posted By: Christine -
Plano, Tx

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