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Termite Elimination

Termites:  The Most Organized Pests Threatening Your Home

Natural Pest Solutions Plano, TxThe Eastern Subterranean termite is the most common termite in North Central Texas.  They live in highly organized colonies between 5 ft. and 30 ft. below the surface and can be up to an acre wide.  The colony consists of the workers that continuously forage for food, soldiers that protect the colony from intruders (ants), nymphs are immature and not yet selected into a cast and reproductives.  When a colony is well established (3 or 4 years) it will send out winged reproductives (alates) to form new colonies.

The queen is truly the ruler of the colony.  After mating she will remain pregnant all her life although she must mate on a regular basis to remain fertile.  She may have more than on king.  Her life could extend beyond 25 years and she is capable of laying 86,000 eggs.  Which cast the nymphs will be is determined by the queen.  The primary duty of the soldiers is to protect the queen at all costs.

The Formosan Subterranean termite was primarily in coastal areas but has been identified in Dallas County since 1998 and Collin County since 2002.  Formosans jumped from the coast primarily in railroad ties used in retaining walls and landscaping.  Like other invasive species, a Formosan infestation can be far worse than their Eastern cousin.  The colonies are larger and if they have a water source they do not need to return to the soil.  Formosans are known to eat live wood.  When hurricane Katrina came ashore the trees in Louisiana were mowed down so extensively because they had been weakened by Formosan Termites.

Termite Treatment

Our trained inspectors will be looking for signs of present or previous termite infestation.  If it is determined that you do have termites active in your home we will recommend a course or treatment appropriate for your degree of infestation and construction type.  We may recommend treating the soil and the wood or the installation of a termite baiting system or a combination of both.  The least invasive form of treatment which can kill the entire colony is the installation of a termite baiting system.

We feel the best termite bait stations are the Advance Termite Bait System.  Our inspector will be glad to show you an example of the bait station and explain why we feel it is the best.

Preventative Treatment

If you are building a new home we recommend you have your builder pre-treat the soil, the sills and the studs.  For existing structures we can treat the studs with boric acid which will permanently protect the wood from all wood destroying organisms (termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles and dry rot).

The least invasive strategy is to have an Advance Termite Bait System installed around your home.  Regular maintenance provides an effective tool to monitor for termite activity and take action if activity is observed.  A key part of Integrated Pest Management is monitoring but many companies shy away from that because it requires more time.  The traditional method of termite control was to apply highly toxic chemicals in and around your home and walk away confident that nothing will live.  This was preferred because it is much easier and more profitable.

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