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Natural Pest Solutions Strategy

Our goal is to change the environment of your home and property to make household pests unwelcome while protecting and encouraging beneficial insects.  Our inspector will suggest ways you can Remove or Reduce "Harborage." You want to avoid providing shelter for pests near your home.  This could be a simple as moving the firewood pile or trimming tree branches that hang over your roof.

We suggest ways you can Eliminate Water and Food pests require.  Pests we do not want in our homes are opportunistic.  Doing things like keeping pet food in a sealed container or cleaning thoroughly with a biodegradable cleaning product will take away the food those ants or roaches are looking for.  We look for ways to Exclude pests from your home, prevent them from entering.  Are the door sweeps in good repair or is there light showing under the door?  This allows crawling insects into our home.

Companion Plants for Pest ControlYou can introduce and encourage Beneficial Insects in your yard and garden.  All living things have their role in our environment.  Some insects are natural predators of the insects we call pests.  Broad spectrum pesticides kill all insects including the beneficial insects.  We target the pests specifically and encourage the beneficial insects.


We may suggest planting of Companion Plants.  These are plants that may repel pests or attract beneficial insects.  Some suggestions could be Lemon Grass and Rosemary.


When necessary, we will apply Pesticides Derived From Natural Sources.  These are pesticides toxic to the targeted pest but not to us, our children, our pets or our environment.  These include:

  • Organic Botanical Oils
  • Boron
  • Insect Hormones
  • Soil Bacteria Distillates
  • Pyrethrums made from Chrysanthemum Flowers
When appropriate, we use glue boards, pheromone traps, flying insect traps and termite baiting stations to Monitor insect populations and determine when additional measures are required.

  • Plano Pest Control
  • McKinney Pest Control
  • Richardson Pest Control
  • The Colony Pest Control
  • Flower Mound Pest Control
  • Frisco Pest Control
  • Rockwall Pest Control
  • Farmers Branch Pest Control
  • Lewisville Pest Control
  • Corinth Pest Control
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  • Little Elm Pest Control
  • Dallas Pest Control